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Know What’s Best: In-Home Elderly Care or Seniors’ Assisted Living

Aging is inevitable. But with aging comes many detrimental factors that threaten to live as you please. Between loneliness, medical conditions, and the inability for self-care, you or a loved one can feel in a fix.

Often, you end up asking yourself whether you can receive proper care with in-home care or shifting to an assisted living facility is better to meet your long-term care needs?

Now, there’s no one-way rule to reaching either of the conclusions. So, it’s best to understand what each option implies and the pros and cons before deciding.

What Is In-Home Care?

There is no place like home.

The concept of in-home care came into being keeping this factor in mind. With in-home care, aged individuals can age in place with a caregiver attending to their everyday needs. Typically, these services include assisting with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and household chores such as cleaning, medication pickup, and cooking.

Many agencies offer in-home care services where families can hire caregivers according to the elder’s needs. The duration can be around several hours a day to a few times a week.

Some people may choose a live-in caregiver. But of course, this option depends on the elder’s condition.

What Is Senior Assisted Living?

Assisted living is another name for senior home care, except for one key difference: the individual has to move from home to a new place.

The new location has occupants with similar needs requiring assistance, and therefore are kept in a suitable place as shared dormitories or campuses. A dedicated staff looks after the facility’s residents with round-the-clock monitoring for emergencies.

Assisted living homes also keep seniors engaged with social events and activities, which in-home care doesn’t cater to.

How to Decide What Is Best?

Knowing how each option works doesn’t make the decision easier. But knowing the benefits each offer can.

So, here’s a list of the pros and cons of in-home care and assisted living homes to give you a clear-cut idea.




It provides 1:1 care tailor-made to meet individual needs.

It might not cater to specific tasks like grocery shopping, personal care, and home maintenance.

Seniors can age in place while remaining close to their family and relatives.

The home requires modification to suit an elder’s needs. e.g., wheelchair accessibility and safety implementations.

It allows individuals to choose who will care for them and make informed decisions with their family and friends.

It requires continuous family involvement to manage caregivers and plan for backup care.

It builds a connection with the caregiver, helping a senior feel cared for.

It can lead to social isolation and mental health problems, such as depression and cognitive decline.

It’s cheaper than assisted living, depending on the level of required care.

The costs can be expensive if 24/7 care is needed.




It’s affordable when an individual requires 24/7 care.

It can be expensive for families undergoing financial problems.

It helps families strengthen their relationships with seniors.

Residents may have to leave the assisted living facility due to short space or any other reason without prior notice.

It allows residents to engage and socialize with similar-aged individuals and feel connected.

Individuals may not enjoy living in assisted homes due to conflicting interests with residents.

It does not tie families into managing, scheduling, or hiring caregivers.

It involves frequent changes in staff due to rotations, which makes personalized and 1:1 care impossible.

The level of care is easily increased according to rising needs.

The quality of care can vary depending on the different skill sets of staff members.

So, What’s the Right Option?

Given that each option has its pros and cons, it’s not possible to choose the ‘right’ option.

A large part of your decision depends on the individual’s needs. However, financial constraints make up the other half of the conclusion.

So, now that you know what options you have and their pros and cons, you’ve taken the right step to make your or your loved ones’ lives easier. We’re sure you’ll soon rule out the one which suits you best.

You can also shorten the process and take help from us at Grand Rapids Elderly Care, LLC. We care about making people’s lives easier and helping them choose the best suitable option.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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