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6 Warning Signs Your Elderly Parents Need to Be Moved to a Nursing Home

The most difficult decision is deciding whether or not your parents require assisted living. Sometimes, the signs are obvious.

For example, an unfortunate slip and fall accident or traumatic injury are immediate indications of nursing care. But these evident signs aren’t always there. To cap it all, even though you love spending time and catering to your elderly parents, the reality shines clear as day: you have your work and children to attend to as well.

The best thing is to observe the red flags and make the right decision at the right time.

So, here are some things to look out for.

Your Parent Is Unable to Self-Care

Any decline in the way your parents used to care for their hygiene indicates they need help. Notice if they have been neglecting to shower or their clothes seem rumpled.

Besides that, observe if the house is being well-kept. Are there dishes left around to wash? Or unpaid bills lying on the counter? Can your parents go to the grocery store without needing help?

Often, children regard these things as carelessness, but the reality may be graver than you may imagine. Therefore, it’s crucial to get the appropriate level of care for your parents.

Your Parent Forgets Even the Simplest of Things

Memory loss and aging have a distinct relationship. While misplacing your keys may seem like a casual thing at a younger age, the same thing can indicate an underlying health problem as you grow old.

Elderly parents depicting such behavior often find themselves lost in familiar places. Besides that, it can lead to forgetting to eat or asking the same questions repeatedly.

As a concerned child, you may not understand the struggles your loved one is going through. Some might even regard it as nothing to worry about, but knowing these warning signs can help you make the better choice.

Your Parent Has Lost Significant Weight in a Few Weeks

Losing weight is a potential sign of physical or mental distress. It can also be a combined effect, but there are multiple underlying reasons why your parent is losing weight all of a sudden. These include:

  • Difficulty to cook.

  • Inability to go grocery shopping.

  • Eating problems or mental health issues, such as depression.

Your Parent Is Neglecting to Socialize

The post-pandemic era has influenced social gatherings and the way people socialize. As a result, it has affected old age individuals the most, making them feel isolated.

It all comes down to checking if your senior parent is keeping as active as they can. This can involve connecting with friends or maintaining their favorite hobbies.

If you’ve noticed a sudden decline in your parents straying away from the activities they used to enjoy, it’s a warning flag your parents need help.

Your Parent Finds It Difficult to Walk Around the House

There is no doubt that aging is inevitable. Still, the signs that come with aging can stop us short. Muscle weakness, stiffness, joint pain, and balancing issues can affect how one walks or maintains their gait.

If you’ve observed your parent walking around and catching their breath after a few short steps, that’s another red flag to look out for.

Any balancing problem may lead to an unfortunate slip and fall accident. But it can be avoided by addressing the underlying issue immediately.

Your Parent Exhibits Aggressive Behavior

Contrary to some people’s belief, aggression or negative behavior is not a by-product of aging. If your elderly parent used to be a cheery, positive individual at a younger age but is showing aggressive, short-tempered behavior, it’s time to take it under consideration.

Understand where your loved one is coming from and evaluate how best to accommodate them. In as much as it seems unimaginable, sometimes, a nursing care facility can serve as a Godsent for your and your parents’ peace of mind.

What Do Nursing Homes Do that I Can’t?

It’s understandable that you want to care for your parents right at home. But as it goes, your parent may require 24/7 assistance. That is uncommittable at times, with your work, life, and children to take care of.

A nursing home facility understands each individual’s requirements and performs a need-based analysis involving physical, social, mental, and emotional assessment before taking them in. As a result, residents can receive personalized care according to their needs.

The Bottom Line

If you have observed one or several of the above warning signs in your elderly parents, we empathize with you.

At Grand Rapids Elderly Care, LLC, we offer support to you and your older parents by helping you find the best senior care options. We don’t charge any fee for it, with the sole purpose of helping your aging parents live a comfortable life.

Connect with us today to find the right place for your loved one.

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